Top 5 Myths About Being a Professional Poker Player

Most humans who watch poker on TV anticipate that accepting a able poker amateur accept to be one of the best “jobs” in the world. And while it is great, there are abounding aspects of the affairs that a lot of humans are blind of. If you’re an ambitious poker professional, this commodity will advice you accept what you’re accepting yourself into. Here are my Top 5 Myths About Accepting a Able Poker Player.

1. It’s Simple Money

The bigger allegory of all. Arena poker is a high-risk, high-variance game. If you wish to accomplish money at poker, you accept to put in continued hours and ache abhorrent beats. Even if you are a abundant player, you can plays endless accident sessions after even authoritative a mistake. Additionally, poker players are accepting bigger and better, abbreviation your bend as time goes on. It is acutely difficult to play able-bodied all the time, but acutely simple to accomplish a aberration that will set you back. Poker is harder work!

2. You almost accept to plan – just play amateur all day!

Couldn’t be added from the truth. In fact, I would altercate that top poker professionals plan harder than professionals in added fields. Poker is a bold that is acutely activating and anytime changing. In adjustment to play at the accomplished levels, you accept to study, discuss, analysis and so forth. Not to acknowledgment putting 60 hour+ weeks if you cover biking time.

3. You’ll accept the abandon to do what you want, if you want.

Wrong again. If you await on your poker backing to pay your bills, you’ll accept to be putting in a lot of hours, abnormally on Friday and Saturday nights (when a lot of recreational players are on) – acceptation you will accept to cede nights out with your accompany and ancestors a lot of the times. The added issue, as ahead discussed, is that if you are accident you will accept to abide putting in hours until you get aback into the atramentous – otherwise, bill collectors will alpha calling. Added priorities bound disappear, such as adorning with friends, affable & bistro a advantageous diet, appliance and so forth.

4. I’ll be on TV!

Actually, you apparently won’t. Even if you buy-in to the Apple Series of Poker Main Event, you acceptable will not see any TV time unless you accomplish the final table. These canicule there are bags of able players that access that clash every year… it’s not simple to accomplish it that far. Added televised contest are generally by allure alone and offered to absolute poker pros like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth.

5. I’ll accept banking freedom!

You’ll never accept banking abandon arena poker. Although it may assume that way, you don’t generally apprehend all the belief of the pros that absent their absolute bankrolls and never got aback on their feet. T.J. Cloutier comes to mind, a poker adept who afresh had to advertise his WSOP armlet to accession some money. Maybe you’ve heard of Brad Booth, who in a contempo commodity in All In Magazine accepted to accept been bankrupt and borrowing money to get aback on his feet. There are endless stories. It’s actual difficult to body a affluence in poker but acutely simple to lose it all in one night.